Stormwater Compliance Challenges

Stormwater Compliance Challenges

Understanding What is Required

  1. There are many components to effective compliance programs, and they all
    work together.
    1. Regulations, Permitting, Documents, Timing, Processes, Ongoing Documentation, Training, and more...
  2. Example: Consent Decree
    1. Technology is Needed
    2. All Documents, Permits, Maps in One Place
    3. Required Training
    4. Maps History
    5. 24/7 Accessibility

Ever Changing Requirements

  1. Multiple Regulations Impacting Different Operations
    1. Stormwater
    2. Air Quality
    3. Safety
    4. Training
    5. Inspections
  2. Lack of Someone Specializing in Stormwater Regulations
    1. Proper Resources
    2. Proper Training
    3. Experience
  3. Example: Inspection Forms and Plans


  1. Owners and Management Personnel
    1. All Individuals Involved with Everyday Operations
    2. Company Processes
  2. Example: Action Items

Proper Tools to Obtain Compliance

  1. Wated Time and Resources
    1. Lack of understanding as to which tools are needed to achieve company goals
  2. Impacts Management and Oversight
  3. Example: Inspection Specific Apps and Products Not Specific to Stormwater

EPA/State/Local Enforcement

  1. Reactive vs Proactive Approach
  2. Attitudes on Achieving Compliance

Budgets and Priorities

  1. Organization Goals and Objectives Impacted

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